Hi! I am Melissa, a KC girl who married a mountain man. We moved our family to Colorado 1.5 years ago to raise our kids near awesome weekend adventures! We have 2 boys & 1 girl. I have a heart for people and wellness. I love trying natural tools to support my family and me. I love the idea of a natural toolbox to try first! I was introduced to oils on a trip in China. My two-year-old girl got a cut on her ankle, it got infected and swelled up to where she couldn’t put on shoes… A nice guy who was there w/ our group offered his essential oil’s that he uses on his cuts from working to borrow and try. Desperate and with a lack of resources, I decided it doesn’t hurt to try them. My daughter and I instantly fell in love with lavender essential oil and an Owie blend. He told me to use the lavender on her feet at bed time.


I couldn’t believe how quick she was back in her shoes… when I got home I begin my search for the best oil’s and an oil community to join to learn more! I joined in January 2016 & got my first premium starter kit & connect w/ an oily community! I’m a stay at home mama wanting a better and more healthy life for my kids, family, friends & me! These oil’s have supported us in so many ways.

Top 3 favorite YL Products:

  • Frankincense when diffused calms my nerves and helps me release stress which I need having three loud, wild & a some strong willed in my bunch!
  • Second is lavender and Thieves both of these are rolled on my kids feet & mine at bedtime… calming & immune boosting!
  • Third I love Digize it lives in my purse, its stinky but magical when rubbed on for tummy troubles!

YL MEMBER #3514044

Be Well Society is a community focused on education and empowerment.
We believe health and wellness matters and are committed to help others be well.

By joining Be Well Society, you will have access to a leadership group who is sincerely committed to learning who you are & dedicated to educating you along your journey with Young Living essential oils. We want you to enjoy your oils!

I personally offer a phone consultation or meeting once you receive your starter kit – my goal is to know who you are, why you purchased the kit & how I can set you up for success beginning on DAY 1. We’d be honored to have you join us!

The NEW Premium Starter Kit is part of the Young Living Everyday Oils Collection which includes 11 Essential Oils + Diffuser + Samples & Accessories that you will no doubt reach for every-single-day. Click on the link below to get started and feel free to contact us with any questions – we’d love to help!


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Young Living is so much more than oils – it’s a LIFESTYLE. We have the absolute FINEST in supplements, cleaning products, beauty/skin and even pet care products!

Essential Rewards is the optional monthly autoship program giving you even more incredible savings + rewards. By selecting Essential Rewards, you commit to ordering $50/month and in turn you will receive 10% back on everything you order, accrue points each month that you can use towards FREE products, you’ll also receive reduced rate shipping!

 NOTE ON STEP 2: Now, you may be thinking, I don’t have an extra $50 to spend every month and I thought the same thing! Then, I realized how many incredible products Young Living has and how much of what I already buy [toothpaste, cleaners, detergent, vitamins, pancake mix, etc.] is what I could STOP purchasing at Target and begin purchasing through Young Living. We call it TRANSFER BUYING. I’m not spending more money, I’m just spending money in a different place, and on things that are so much healthier for our family. If you’re looking to make a lifestyle change, this is the best program for you!

We suggest you select the Thieves Essential Rewards Kit which will help you be one step closer to a toxic-free home! You can cancel your Essential Rewards at any time – in fact, I’m happy to help you do it – but I do believe in this program & know you will too.


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